How To Apply Vinyl To Substrate

How To Apply Vinyl To Substrate


What you'll need:

Bob’s Signs uses the following for Applying Vinyl To Substrate:
Squeegee – Alcohol – Shop Towels – Decals – Masking Tape – Utility Knife – Tape Measure – Crayon Pencil

Step 1: Clean Surface
Spray the alcohol on the surface you are applying vinyl to. Wipe away until there is no residue or dirt left behind.

Step 2: Measuring the Placement
Do for each decal: Place two peices of tape ,horizontally, on either side of the decal. This allows you to easily move the decal up and over as you measure. Place the decal in the general
location you plan on applying it.

Step 3: Applying The Decals
Start by measuring from left to right. You’ll want to go from the edge of the substrate to the beginning of the decal. Once the measurement is correct left to right you’ll want to make sure it is straight (unless being applied at an angle). It is easier to measure off of straight edges. If you are able to measure of a straight line on the graphic do so on both left and right side of the decal. Make sure the straight line is the same distance from the top of the substrate to where you are measuring to.

Once you are happy with the location place a long piece of tape in the center of the graphic vertically (like a hinge). Next you can use the utility knife to split the tape you placed on the sides. The split will be against the decal edge. Be careful not to cut the substrate or the decal. This is so you can line the graphic back in place once you remove the backer. The tape is now in two pieces and you’ll want to rip the backer in half (right where the tape in the middle starts). Do not let go of the graphic while doing so.

After the backer is off; gently pull the graphic back towards the tape you cut in half. Make sure the graphic stays flat. Line the two pieces of tape up by tacking each corner the graphic to the substrate.

Take the squeegee and place it so it is at a slight angle in the middle of the graphic while you grip the upper part of the squeegee horizontally. You’ll want press your squeegee up from the middle so you see the air under the tape come out the top. Then lift the squeegee up and run it back down the graphic like you did at the top. Overlap the second pass with the squeegee downward so that you are less likely to get bubbles. Repeat until the side of the graphic is apply. Once you apply the first side take off the center piece of tape and repeat for the rest of the decal.

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