Prepping Vehicle

Prepping Vehicle

Prepping Vehicle

What You'll Need:

Most of what we use are things you may already have access to.

Bob’s Signs uses the following for Vehicle Prep:
Hose – Car Mop Brush – Car Wash Soap – Pressure Washer – Microfiber Cloth – Windex – Alchol – Bucket – Cloth Towels – Spray Nine

Step 1: Wash Vehicle Thoroughly
Fill a mop bucket with water and car wash solution. Use a mop brush or sponge to wash entire vehicle. When washing the vehicle it is important that there is no dirt or grime left behind, especially on the areas are applying vinyl to. The tougher spots to clean you can use the solutions recommended once you begin prepping.

Step 2: More Prepping
Let the vehicle completely dry before you begin to prep. We recommend using cloth towels and alcohol for this process. Spray a generous amount onto the areas you are applying vinyl to. Use the cloth to scrub away alcohol and any dirt or grime that is on the vehicle. If there are tough spots to clean or you predict may be hard to clean then use something a like Spray Nine first. Let it sit for 10 secs then scrub the spot until cleaned. Always clean with alcohol last so that the vinyl applies directly to a clean surface.

Helpful Hints:

If you intend on the vehicle being wrapped be sure to clean every crevice.

If you are applying graphics to a windshield or window clean first with windex so no spots show under the vinyl. Then clean with alcohol.

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