Removing Vinyl

Removing Vinyl

Removing Vinyl

What you'll need:

Most of what we use are things you may already have access to.

Bob’s Signs uses the following for Removing Vinyl:
Heat Gun Or Torch – Degreaser and Adhesive remover – Pressure Washer – Chisel – Gloves – Safety Glasses – Shop Towels – Alcohol 

Step 1: Heat The Graphic
When removing vinyl you have to take into consideration the type of vinyl you are removing. Most vinyl is either reflective or non-reflective. Keep in mind that non-reflective vinyl will need less heat than reflective vinyl due to the adhesive. Using a heat gun or torch you want to evenly apply heat to the graphic you are removing. The graphic will be warm to touch when it is ready to start being peeled. Once the graphic is warm to touch; use a chisel to lift a corner of the graphic up. To avoid adhesive being left behind you want to pull the graphic at a 45 degree angle towards yourself downward. For example: You want to pull the graphic as if you were removing a command strip. Some vinyl that is considered non-removable vinyl will be more difficult to remove and will come off in pieces. It is important to keep using heat because more glue does tend to stay behind when removing these graphics. 

Step 2: Cleaning the glue

Graphics are all removed but some glue is left on the vehicle? Here is where the adhesive remover comes in. You can find such products at a home improvement stores. Heavily spray the adhesive remover on areas where the glue is left behind. Let stand for 30secs then apply more for another 30secs. Use the chisel to scrape away the glue. Be careful not to dig the chisel into the vehicle. Depending on how much graphics you are removing you’ll want a tray or bucket to scrape the glue into. If it is just a small amount the shop towels should be fine to use. 

Helpful Hints:

If you intend on applying new graphics over the area where vinyl was removed check out the Prepping Vehicle page


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